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Powerseller and has a legit store.  

"Great service, and totally legit product, every time. No problems with them in the past over the years, and they've been around since 1999." -From fellow NFG member. Legit seller.  

Been watching since 11/2009 selling legit items  

Powerseller and has E-Bay store.  

Powerseller and has store.  

Powerseller has a legit operating store.  

Great seller, has a history with one of our members. Always positive experience.  

This is an eBay Power Seller who deals primarily in authentic Outlet Store items with an occasional item from estabilshed retail stores.added 5/28/07  

This seller has been discussed on our site several times. The items have always appeared to be authentic.  

Outdoor gear specialist with seasonal items. Discussed hereadded 5/22/2007  


Added by general concensus of the staff at TNFG after reports of several successful transactions for authentic items.  

Post discussed here and a member verified that their goods are genuine added 10/15/2006